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  • "Just A Dream" by Nelly - Sam Tsui & Christina Grimmie
    "Just A Dream" by Nelly - Sam Tsui & Christina Grimmie

    "Just A Dream&q...

  • Kings Of Leon - Use Somebody
    Kings Of Leon - Use Somebody

    Kings Of Leon - Use ...

  • Rihanna - Take A Bow
    Rihanna - Take A Bow

    Rihanna - Take A Bow

  • Rihanna - Rehab ft. Justin Timberlake
    Rihanna - Rehab ft. Justin Timberlake

    Rihanna - Rehab ft. ...

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  • Aries

    (03/21 - 04/19)

    If you feel like your own personal well of creativity has run dry, it's time to go to the source to refill it. What's the source, you ask? Well, plenty of stillness, for starters -- being overstimulated and overtired is a sure-fire way to nip any imaginative enterprises in the bud. So make like a parent and give yourself a time-out -- but one that you'll enjoy. Go for a swim or a long walk alone. Spend an hour or two whistling and making daisy chains. You'll feel renewed afterward.

  • Taurus

    (04/20 - 05/20)

    Getting bent out of shape is only useful if you're a pretzel. A certain situation or a certain someone might be using your last nerve as a jump rope, but losing your temper would be counter productive. Why not use your energy to figure out the reason why this irks you so? Pulling it out by the root would be more valuable for you and your peace of mind than just about anything else.

  • Gemini

    (05/21 - 06/21)

    Making mountains out of molehills can be fun as a hobby, but in the long run, wouldn't you rather build a lovely sandcastle instead? Seriously, why not take that energy you're currently spending on fussing over not very important details and use it a little more constructively? You have an organized mind and top-notch strategizing skills. In the time it takes you to worry over something, you could build an entire fort. So what are you waiting for?

  • Cancer

    (06/22 - 07/22)

    Live and let live: That should be your motto right now. Come to think of it, that's actually a pretty good motto to have most of the time. You do have pretty definite ideas about what works and what doesn't, but you're starting to realize that what works beautifully for you might not go so swimmingly for others. So hands off, and bite down on any tendency to meddle, especially if it's not asked for.

  • Leo

    (07/23 - 08/22)

    Are you in the mood for love? If so, don't try to make someone guess what's on your mind -- tell 'em that it's time to turn up the heat and stay in the kitchen, and you'll be well rewarded. If you're not currently partnered, now is the time to let it be known that you're more than interested. Keep your eyes peeled -- a worthy candidate could come along sooner than you think.

  • Virgo

    (08/23 - 09/22)

    You had your eyes wide open when you took on this situation, but now you're afraid that it just might not be worth the effort. After all, what's the point of pouring your heart and soul into something that may never happen in just the way you envisioned? Just before you convince yourself that the battle is lost, however, the other party agrees to a mutually satisfactory compromise. If you agree, you might just end up coming out ahead.

  • Libra

    (09/23 - 10/22)

    Remember how you ordered that value meal of fun, laughter and romance? Well, the stars have just supersized it -- and thrown in some dessert and a free drink for the heck of it. What do you do when your plate is heaped this full? Why, share the wealth, of course. Call up your friends, family and cohorts and spread the joy. Don't worry about running out -- there's more than enough of this stuff to go around.

  • Scorpio

    (10/23 - 11/21)

    Is the thrill gone in a relationship that you usually cherish? That can be fixed, especially since you've caught it now. How exactly do you banish the fizzle and bring back the sizzle? Try talking things out, first of all. Is there something going on with one of you that needs to be discussed? If it's just a case of the doldrums, maybe you need a change to your usual hanging out routine. Instead of the usual movie/dinner/chatfest, why not do something new and exciting?

  • Sagittarius

    (11/22 - 12/21)

    Something about you just brings out the best in people right now -- and that includes yourself, of course. You've been given a truly wonderful window of opportunity to inspire everyone around you, so make sure you maximize it. Get out of the house. Talk to as many people as possible. Embrace and explore whatever crosses your path. Let your spirit expand as much as you can.

  • Capricorn

    (12/22 - 01/19)

    If there's one thing you hate, it's waste. Whether you implement a recycling program or take that new intern under your wing, today is all about utilizing resources that aren't being properly cared for. Some might view it as altruism, but to you, these kinds of actions are natural and practical. Don't be surprised if your unselfish motivations result in some pretty immediate appreciation right here and right now.

  • Aquarius

    (01/20 - 02/18)

    Your good fortune is the best part of your life right now. Put it this way: If you bought a lottery ticket, you'd win the big jackpot -- or you'd fall into the arms of someone totally devastating. That doesn't mean you should look for patches of the sidewalk to fall over, however. Just proceed with your normal plans. Leave the lucky twists up to the cosmos.

  • Pisces

    (02/19 - 03/20)

    Some authority figure in your life may think that they know best to the exclusion of all other opinions. Learn to do some mental yoga (although doing some physically is a good idea as well) and bend around what they're saying right now no matter what. It's not a time for direct confrontation. Bide your time and keep your own counsel until the circumstances are more auspicious.

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