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  • "Just A Dream" by Nelly - Sam Tsui & Christina Grimmie
    "Just A Dream" by Nelly - Sam Tsui & Christina Grimmie

    "Just A Dream&q...

  • Rihanna - Take A Bow
    Rihanna - Take A Bow

    Rihanna - Take A Bow

  • One Direction - More Than This (Up All Night: The Live Tour)
    One Direction - More Than This (Up All Night: The Live Tour)

    One Direction - More...

  • Rihanna - Rehab ft. Justin Timberlake
    Rihanna - Rehab ft. Justin Timberlake

    Rihanna - Rehab ft. ...

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  • Aries

    (03/21 - 04/19)

    Geniuses of all stripes look to their dreams for guidance and inspiration, and so should you. If there's some complex conundrum weighing on your mind, now is the time to plumb the depths of your subconscious for a simple answer. You may want to keep a pen and paper by your bedside to write down any midnight inspirations. That big brain of yours is never really inactive!

  • Taurus

    (04/20 - 05/20)

    Why does it seem so much easier for you to believe that something bad can happen, but so much more difficult to trust in your good fortune? That's the big question you're facing right now. You've got great potential, but in order to really see it through, you need to believe not only that you have it, but that the universe needs to see you shine. Don't just question your surroundings -- question yourself!

  • Gemini

    (05/21 - 06/21)

    Big changes have been percolating up through various aspects of your life lately. Right now, the question is whether you're going to drink it all up straight, or try to add a little karmic cream and sugar to make it all go down easily. Your energy is calling out for the second option -- so draw on your friends, your family and anyone else in your immediate circle -- and get their help. It makes everything ever so much easier.

  • Cancer

    (06/22 - 07/22)

    Keep a close watch on your heart and its shenanigans. It's as valuable as it is capricious, and it doesn't appreciate rough handling. If you're thinking of leaping into something on a mad impulse or just because it seems like a good idea at the time, why not ask the thing you're risking how it feels about the whole enterprise? Quiet down and check in with your heart about what to do next. What you hear might surprise you.

  • Leo

    (07/23 - 08/22)

    Giving up on your dreams is not an option for you, especially right now. No matter what has befallen you recently, it doesn't mean that your goals and ambitions are moot. It actually signifies that your path has a few more unexpected twists and turns up ahead. No matter what, hang onto those high hopes, because they haven't been dashed -- they're just waiting in the wings for the next big scene to come.

  • Virgo

    (08/23 - 09/22)

    Pounding away at a problem like a jackhammer tearing up an old inner-city street might not help -- and, in fact, could make things a lot worse. The noise, the risk, the cost -- it's too much! Your dynamic and forceful personality doesn't take well to just sitting there letting things happen, but that's exactly what you need to do in this situation. Why not let the cosmos do its job and work things out?

  • Libra

    (09/23 - 10/22)

    It's far too easy for you to criticize the way you look, but it accomplishes nothing -- and the criticisms you voice probably aren't true, anyway. Try to stop seeing flaws that aren't there and grasp only what's real, but not quite as tangible as what you see in the mirror. Check your finer spiritual qualities and your physical qualities will soon line up with them. So start to see how beautiful you are where it counts.

  • Scorpio

    (10/23 - 11/21)

    Your creativity should never be confined. It can -- and should -- come into play in every single aspect of your life. Make sure that you give your imagination space to live and grow: Be playful, open and free. If necessary, get yourself to a playground and play on the swings for a few minutes. The feeling as you're soaring through the air is exactly what your imagination needs to break your current locks.

  • Sagittarius

    (11/22 - 12/21)

    Someone close to you may be needs to spill some secrets, but they're for your ears and eyes only. No matter how tempting it is to call your best friend or sweetie and spill, you need to beat down the temptation. Your reliability is an important asset, of course, and you know better than most that what goes around comes around. They've confided in you -- and only you -- for a reason.

  • Capricorn

    (12/22 - 01/19)

    Communication goes far beyond mere words, you know. There are innumerable other ways to get across what's in your heart, if that's what you really want. If you give yourself enough time and space, you can think of a few new means of communication that bear your unique style. Try them out now on your nearest and dearest -- the universe is pushing you to try new things, and they need to hear from you anyway.

  • Aquarius

    (01/20 - 02/18)

    You need to go off the beaten track every now and then, and you've got plenty of chances for discovering delightful tangents right now. Try not to get too far from the main road, however -- there are certain places you have to stop and rest and some particular routes that require little deviation, no matter how charming some of the roadside attractions are. Update your itinerary regularly.

  • Pisces

    (02/19 - 03/20)

    Gift yourself with anything you want (and can afford, of course) today. It's easy to get caught up in a cycle of doing, doing, doing for others, and forget what it's like to just live in the moment. Call up some friends you haven't seen in ages and insist on a frivolous, free-for-all somewhere silly and fun. Alternatively, head outside and play in the rain wearing a silly hat. You need to have fun, and the universe is right behind you.

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